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Football’s Turning Point: The Penalty Shot

In Uncategorized on 7 December 2008 at 21:32

I entered a new realm of in the world of football (soccer) this afternoon. It created such a feeling inside in me, I thought I should note it somewhere.

We (Darwin) were tied 1-1 against a heavily favored opponent (Long Road) when we conceded a penalty. Now I’m used to playing goalie in ice hockey, but I’m still getting used to the way football works. Nevertheless, I found myself dwarfed within a monstrous net only six yards away from a shooter who was all but guaranteed this gift of a goal. My heart was beating quickly, the adrenaline rushing through all of my limbs, my breath heavy and visible in the cold.

To everyone’s surprise I blocked his “free gift” and the rebound that followed.

The next thing I knew I was standing tall (the ball wrapped safely in my arms) looking into the distance as if I had conquered the ground on which I stood. All while my teammates jumped upon me and the opponents looked on in disgust.

That seemed to be the turning point in today’s game, as I knew it would be, as it typically is. We went on to score two more goals in order to win 3-1.

It was just such an amazing feeling standing there after the save and the moments afterwards. It was equal to any successful sports feeling I’ve ever had–including winning a hockey championship in a shootout. It was just one of those moments where I felt completely on top of the world…coming in a sport in which I feel so inadequate.

At the pub after the game, a fellow goalkeeper (matter-of-factly) said, “If they had scored, we would’ve lost.”

But they didn’t score. And Darwin College won.